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Eora/Sydney-based duo, general cultural harbingers, and inner-city sharehouse chaos merchants 2touch are formally introduced with their debut EP, Shug, out via Astral People Recordings.

Inspired by cross-genre sounds and the sentimental, the 2touch project fuses the familiar with the delightfully off-kilter, from cryptic yet stickily melodic vocal samples that seem to be speaking their own language to the striking and surreal visual universe built around the project from Naarm/Melbourne illustrator Major Precious, in which several animated characters stand in for the anonymous producer duo.

For 2touch, music is a never-ending pool of sparkling, wide-eyed discovery and a catalyst for community - it’s the point of connection between people, the thread that stitches together memories, friendships and relationships, the atmosphere that surrounds all of us. Weaving vaguely recalled voices that dance playfully among the rhythmic cadence of bouncy, warped bass, cloudy pads and precise, gooey synth lines, their debut EP is animated by an irrepressible youthfulness. Alluding to a burgeoning reminiscence of perspective and joy, Shug seems to promise that the halcyon days are never really gone, but are instead only just now beginning.