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total tommy

total tommy arrives armed with a boldness that is instantaneous and infectious, both on record and in person. With great depth in her creative range and sonic versatility, comes a quiet confidence of an artist in control. 

total tommy sounds like the first time you got high, because she broke your heart, and makes you wanna do it all over again. 

“total tommy started when I moved cities, came out, and spent time properly getting to know myself. Parts of my brain got unlocked that I’d never been able to tap into before, and with that I quickly got to learn a lot about who I was. I partied so much with new queer friends, fell in love, made mistakes, and wrote music to make sense of it all”. 

microdose, is the first taste from the Sydney/Eora based indie-rock artist, and is about that “zero to one hundred relationship speed that lesbians dive in at”. microdose was made in close collaboration with Mark Zito and Dan Carey (Wet Leg, Fontaines DC), and oozes low fi indie grunge realness. It was written in total tommy’s bedroom studio on a stormy night, about a drama going down between two friends. 

total tommy is an artist to experience from the front row with your friends, where she’ll leave nothing on the sidelines with a willingness to share herself and her experiences. 


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