2touch introduce themselves with the release of debut single ‘Want2’

Anonymous Eora/Sydney-based production project, general cultural harbingers and inner-city sharehouse chaos merchants 2touch formally introduce themselves today with the release of debut single ‘Want2’. Alongside the release, they also announce their signing to noted tastemakers Astral People Recordings (Club Angel, Skeleten, Milan Ring). 

Wrapped in desire and longing, ‘Want2’ is an introduction every bit as enigmatic and alluring as the 2touch project itself. With a restless, UKG-tinted beat, gently warping sub-bass, a constellation of sparkling synths and busy sample work, their debut single is made all the more addictive for its controlled sense of fleeting dynamism, constantly morphing around a central vocal hook that fades in and out of clarity.

At times aesthetically unvarnished but always emotionally high-sheen, the charm of 2touch’s music lies in its irreplaceable, innate sense of character. They specialise in a strain of beatcraft that feels both unplaceable and somehow in-between, yet also fully irresistible and almost immediately recognisable, sitting at the intersection of house, garage, techno, post-dubstep and crossover electronica. Like their forebears in Overmono and Ross From Friends, they produce electronic music which is refreshingly agnostic about setting, sounding as at home in your headphones as it does the club. Inspired by and built for real life, 2touch’s music could play soundtrack to events both big and small, momentous and mundane - from a bleary-eyed study session or the barely half-awake commute to work, to the highpoint of an indelible night out or the solitary, introspective journey back home. 

As always, it’s 2touch4eva.

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