Arno Faraji releases 'Free Flow, out now. Return To Raji out Feb 2023

Arno Faraji today releases his latest single 'Free Flow'.

Smooth and sensual from the outset, a theme that remains throughout,'Free Flow' crafts a soundscape that keeps you begging for more. Situated in a warm pocket of soul-infused hip hip, it's another stellar addition to Arno's forthcoming mixtape - Out Feb 2023!

Speaking on the release, Arno reveals, "Free flow speaks of the moments after I internalised and really digested a good amount of the lessons and experiences l’ve had over time, even into now. It's the growth track for me, it's a moment where I stop tryna fight the currents that were part of the different waves I was going through and stopped trying to change a lot of things I couldn't. Deciding to flow through it all, allowing myself to be in a flow state (not thinking too much and getting in my head about a lotta things, but rather trusting myself and intel / experience I gained getting to this point). It's a track that's a lil more mature than some of the other tones and vibes I have on this tape and finds me already in a peaceful and somber state. One of my favourite tracks to date, I enter that flow every time I run it because it feels so potent to me. That for me alone is huge, if it affects someone else even just a little I feel like it'd be mission accomplished x2"

Accompanying the single is a music video produced by Brendan Cecich - WATCH HERE

'Free Flow' is out now via The Orchard.

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