Arno Faraji on YIBBY's latest track 'Chess Not Checkers'

Arno Faraji features on YIBBY's newest single ‘Chess not Checkers.’ The track is an uptempo fire starter with high energy and almost grime inspired hip-hop production. This is combined with Arno Faraji and YIBBY's equally inspired flows, making for a commanding record with these two local trailblazers.

YIBBY- “‘Chess not Checkers’ comes from a saying me and the bros would say, meaning that you have to think long-term or strategically about things. When someone would make a smart move we would kind of say that”. “When I get onto the studio and heard the beat I knew it kind of reminded me of that feeling, it was high energy and natural but still calculated” “Me and Arno had linked when he came to Sydney for his tour, when I listened to the demo back I knew he’d be right for it, his verses have crazy bounce.” 


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