Collarbones release final album 'Filth' ahead of their farewell tour hitting Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

Astral People OG's Collarbones today share their final album, Filth - and prepare to embark on their Collarbones Filth: The Farewell Tour.

Built via long-distance collaboration between Sydney and Adelaide, Marcus Whale and Travis Cook close the book on a decade-long discography that’s re-defined the boundaries of Australian DIY synth pop. After meeting on a post-rock online message board more than 15 years ago, Collarbones swiftly then steadily gathered a devoted fan base around them, their incredible stage shows and captivating output earning critical recognition and placement on lineups globally. The duo’s harness of unconventional song structures, electronic improvisation and pop-ready melodies opened up a precedent for future artists in the space to look to. Now having delivered four albums of sinewy electronic pop music across their career, the pair deliver their swan song in Filth: an eleven track exploration of sounds skirting its many mediums ready for experimentation, from grunge-pop to glitch and clubby ballads.  

The pair will embark upon a finale tour that celebrates countless past performances etched with memories of unadulterated and sweaty fun. From Friday, June 30 the pair play Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club, before a Sydney show the following night at Marrickville Bowlo on Saturday, July 1. The next week, they play to fans at Adelaide's Ancient World on Friday, July 7.

Opening track of Filth, “Tap The Vein” introduces the record with luscious swirls of synth, expanding as the warble of Whales’ vocals and guitars build to repeated whispers. Dosings of pop-punk in a bright and punchy guitar line come out in “Ripe For Filth”, as the duo’s desire-fuelled vocals immerse themselves in a lyrical exploration of euphoric, all-consuming physicality. An arpeggiated melody repeats as a cathartic release on “Edging” beneath a propulsive backbet. A clubby and dark spin on “Ache” sees the duo twist and distort their vocals into phrases of repetition, while “The Southerly” becomes a softer ballad with a reverberated and rippling beat.

A fast and dubby intro on “Little Death” envelopes you in a smoky abyss, the rhythm thumping like a heartbeat as a bright synth line swirls energetically. A build and release brings a euphoric finish, before previous single “Lack”. A return of sharp pop-punk guitars accompany effected vocals from Marcus, alongside an unmistakable and instantly addictive hook. Built behind a cool and steady drum machine, the latter half of the track showcases the band’s inimitable progressive experimentalism.    

A glitch focused release on “Further” adds to the duo’s finesse for off-kilter and unique arrangements. The experimental pastiche bleeds into a techno hybrid fuelled by the duo’s vocal repetitions. Next, “Second Skin” a mellow jangle of guitars accompany a reverb-heavy ballad, as Marcus’ lyricism is in front position. Following, “Vortex” continues the slower and reflective mood of a ballad from the duo with a crashing backbeat. Finale song, “God Is Here” transcends into a thumping and swinging statement, as the duo rap through to completion with a euphoric effect.

Speaking on the album's focus track, "Edging", Cook and Whale share: “'Edging' is a bombastic, breakbeat heavy pop song in the vein of earlier Collarbones tracks 'Hypothermia' and 'Momentary'. Lyrically, it centres around intimacy and giving just enough of yourself to keep the spark alive. As we wrap up the project, it acts as our swan song. We’re moving in a new direction, keeping our listeners on the edge.”

Filth joins Collarbones' diverse back-catalogue as their fifth long play release. Already, its two singles - “Ripe For Filth” and “Lack” - have enjoyed airplay from Double J, nationwide community radio, including an addition from FBi, and support from The Guardian, Pilerats, NME and more. Since their 2011 debut album, Iconography, to 2012’s Die Young and 2014’s Return, Collarbones have continued to firmly hone their unique sound and pioneer at the forefront of electronic pop - with ARIA and FBi SMAC Award nominations under their belt. Their fourth, and much-awaited studio album, Futurity - their first in five years since the release of Return in 2014 - merged signature storytelling to become one of their most dynamic releases yet. A testament to their versatile innovation, Collarbones' career includes highlights across working with Flume - on his remix of their 2015 single “Turning” - to key collaborations with the likes of Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung and more. As seasoned live performers, Collarbones have toured the world in packed night clubs to seated theatres and festival stages, including a cameo at Flume’s VIVID headline show at the Sydney Opera House and Los Angeles’ FYF Fest.

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