Dro Carey Releases 3 New Albums With All Sales Donated To The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Today Dro Carey has released three albums exclusively on Bandcamp to coincide with the platform’s second COVID–19 response international fee waiver day and to kick off a fundraising effort for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

The three new albums see the return of his Tuff Sherm and PMM aliases as well as new material under his real name, Eugene Ward.

100% of sales revenue from these three Bandcamp releases will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, a Melbourne-based support organisation providing aid and justice programs to asylum seekers. COVID–19 shutdowns have left people seeking asylum as well as refugees on bridging, temporary protection and Safe Haven Enterprise visas without employment. However they are denied access to JobKeeper or JobSeeker safety net payments. This has meant a spike and an acute need for urgent funds that the ASRC can use for their food bank and medical services.

The music across the three albums comes from three past Dro Carey side projects. The Tuff Sherm project returns with ten-tracker Spore Whisky. The house music alias was last seen in 2017 with an EP on Normals Welcome. It marks the second full-length album from the project (following on from Shrapnel Maestro released back in 2012).

Meanwhile on Breaking Power, the obscure PMM alias delivers spikey and off-kilter techno wares. This follows past appearances of this project on labels Opal Tapes, Reckno and Berceuse Heroique.

Rounding out the fundraising trilogy is a new effort under Ward’s real name. The previous outing as Eugene Ward was a compilation of contemporary dance compositions released by Where To Now? in 2015. Life After Prog is however built out of new originals, emerging from sound palettes developed in past collaborative work with Patric Kuo, Verity Mackey and De Quincey Co.

The album sales will be reported and donated at fortnightly intervals. 100% of Bandcamp sales for the three albums will continue to go to ASRC forever but will be collected and reported at more staggered intervals after the first two months (depending on sales).

Spore Whisky - Tuff Sherm
Breaking Power - PMM
Life After Prog - Eugene Ward

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