Dro Carey Releases Dual Singles 'Act Like You're Home' & 'Hemisphere'

Today marks the comeback of the ever-enigmatic Dro Carey who has released two new singles 'Act Like You're Home' (feat. Beni Moun & Julietta) and 'Hemisphere.' The tracks a follow up from Dro Carey's 2018 track 'Atmosphere' which features Sydney's very own Kwame, MC Renz and Boston via Sydney rapper Raj Mahal.

‘Act Like You’re Home’ is a euphoric track with a driving bass line that reflects the mood like city lights in a car window. The link between Florida-based Beni Moun and Dro Carey came after Dro contacted Moun for vocal and songwriting chops which then progressed to musical stems and later eventuated into him becoming a co-producer on the track. Julietta's involvement arose when Dro found her music on Spotify and contacted her, moving the track into a completely new direction.

According to Dro, ‘Act Like You’re Home’ came about naturally when he was experimenting with Rhodes keyboard sounds:

I started to get this 'I Feel Love' (by Donna Summer) and 'Supernature' (by Cerrone) feeling for a potential direction in the instrumental. Soothsayer suggested Beni Moun and I thought his stuff was amazing, so we got working together. It evolved in various ways, becoming this thing that's part house, part disco, and a little anthemic. I approached Julietta about a verse and ended up doubling the chorus, since the combination of their voices is so cool. This track represents the internet-connected creative process for collaboration - the excitement, serendipity and freedom that it presents.

Dro bookends the club-ready release with the textured and moody instrumental ‘Hemisphere’ which sits in perfect contrast against the melody driven lead single, ‘Act Like You’re Home’.

‘Act Like You’re Home’ and ‘Hemisphere’ mark the first page of the next chapter for Dro Carey and the sky is the limit for what he can come up with.


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