GL Release New Single 'Contagious'

Melbourne-based duo GL are following up a busy few months with their second single release of the year, 'Contagious.' Fresh off the back of their first headline show in over two years at Howler in Melbourne and a recent appearance at Victoria’s Kennedys Creek Music Festival, the pair are climbing to the forefront of Australia’s electronic scene once more with an esteemed left-centre lens.

Taking a turn from the moodier elements of earlier single “Night Habit, GL have dipped their new single and eclectic grooves in a pot of warm textures, hard-hitting percussion and wobbling synths that hook the mind and body. Contagious as its namesake promises while dusting off influences such as Robyn, Empress Of, Roisin Murphy and more, the duo pay sizzling homage to their finest assets where movement is a must and vocals from Ella Thompson rise to a love-struck chorus. The track invites a celebration of spaces to be yourself freely, explore oneself and experiment, much like the project means for themselves.

"Contagious is about reclaiming a space where you can feel fearless fun, finding a place to be yourself," Says GL. Following a stellar return with “Night Habit” and a packed out Melbourne show, fans can’t wait to taste more from the dynamic electronic-pop duo in 2019. Don’t sleep on checking out their latest track “Contagious” now.

Listen To 'Contagious' HERE

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