Jalmar shares latest single “Mi Cariño”


Today, Melbourne-based artist Jalmar shares his newest single, “Mi Cariño” featuring Nigerian vocalist, Joanny out via The Orchard. Adding to the celebrations, Jalmar will play two debut live shows in Sydney and Melbourne this December.

A transition from his earlier trap-leaning heaters, “Mijo Rico” and “La Fiesta”, Jalmar today unveils his core Reggaeton side on the tender and smooth-flowing jam, “Mi Cariño”. Tied to his Latin heritage, and weaved with Afro flavour from Joanny, the track crafts an irresistible and authentic soundscape adorned with trumpets, cascading strums of guitar and a signature kick drum. Produced by friend and frequent collaborator, Younique, Jalmar’s vocals are seamless as they move between the inflections of Joanny’s croons, completing the love-song dedication.

Jalmar says on the birth of “Mi Cariño”:
“It was about 3:30am in the morning at my friend's apartment… while everyone was sitting chilling I grabbed the AUX cord and started playing random beats from Youtube to freestyle to. The first beat was a Reggaeton one, which are beats I'm usually terrible at but for some magical reason I got every rhythm right for the whole verse. After the night concluded, I completely forgot that I recorded it on my phone until a month or two later when I was driving in my car listening to voice recordings. I played it about 6 times and kept asking myself ‘I think this is good?’

I called Younique and told him ‘I think I got one..’ He agreed and got hyped so I went back to my Dad’s house in Dandenong to write the whole verse because that’s where I find most of my inspiration. Younique had the beat made and yet we both honestly thought nothing of it so we left it for another week cause we were lacking confidence for it. Then one gloomy day I just decided to lay my verse over what was done and it sounded amazing… It just so happened that Younique had a random Reggaeton hook that he had laid on my phone which glued to the track perfectly. I laid the second verse in one take and we had it made. After sitting on the track for a bit we decided to add the last verse from my broski Joanny from Nigeria. We had worked with each other before on other tracks and everything he has done for me in the past was brilliant. He sent it back within 2 weeks and it was PERFECT.”

Jalmar will perform his string of releases alongside some unheard gems this December, with a pair of debut live shows in the country’s two biggest cities. On Sunday, December 5, Jalmar will head to Melbourne’s Section 8 for a rapturous set, supported by Lakshane. Closing out the week, he next takes the stage at Sydney’s Golden Age on Saturday, December 11 with support from Jamel. With free entry for both performances, fans can RSVP here.

Since launching his project earlier this year, Jalmar has firmly established himself as a trailblazing newcomer in a much-needed space for Australia’s Latin community. Born within a Chilean family, Jalmar’s heritage is central to the composition of all singles, “Mi Cariño”,“La Fiesta” feat. Jaecy and debut release, “Mijo Rico”. Each of these chapters in the Jalmar story have captured the attention of tastemakers, a growing fanbase and the industry alike, with playlist additions to Spotify’s New Music Friday, A1, The Drip, The Hybrid, Front Left and many more. In addition, Jalmar has signed with esteemed booking agency Niche Productions. His initial fusion of rap, hip-hop and trap inflections have been receiving praise from NME, Pilerats, Acclaim, Purple Sneakers and radio alike, including triple j’s Declan Byrne of Home & Hosed, Shantan Wantan Ichiban of The Kick On, Nkechi Anele of Roots ‘n All, and also an addition to triple j Unearthed radio for “Mijo Rico”. Coupled with support from Rage, FBi Radio and wider community radio, Jalmar’s momentum has even extended to a collaboration with Young Franco and SonReal, “ComeThru”.

Listen to the Reggaeton feel of "Mi Cariño" today, as Jalmar throws open the doors to a new chapter in his burgeoning music project, and continues his ever-blazing work in carving out a space for Latin-Australian music right on our doorstep.

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