KUČKA releases monumental new single ‘One More Night’ feat. Flume

After years of collaborating and touring the world together, electronic producer/vocalist KUČKA (aka Laura Lowther) and beloved Grammy award winner Flume have joined forces again on mind-melting new single ‘One more night’.

Salacious and satisfying, ‘One More Night’ is the massive pop moment the pair’s creative partnership has been building to. Seeing its first spin on triple j Breakfast this morning, the track was ideated during a writing session for Flume’s Palaces, alongside his album track’escape (feat. KUČKA)’. It was revived while on tour together in New York a year later.

‘One more night and it’s the last time’ had been stuck in KUČKA’s head that day, a forgotten lyric she couldn’t place. After plugging it into her computer and discovering the forgotten demo, the pair decided to finish it in a conversation enroute to that night’s show, and took it back into the studio a week later. ‘One More Night’ was reborn and built from the original demo’s first verse, this time with KUČKA’s project in mind, culminating in their most collaborative creative effort to date.

“I found myself singing ‘hunger for your desire, body an icon to admire’ and it made me laugh. It captures that ridiculous feeling when you’re infatuated and addicted to your crush. You become a performative cartoon. And it’s just as fun giving the performance as it is receiving it. It’s this horny funny exchange.”

Dialling effortlessly between explosive crescendos and moments of near-silence, KUČKA credits Flume’s fearless production choices with nudging her further out of her comfort zone. The release comes with an absurd and campy music video by Natural Fantasy, the moniker of director duo Dillon Howl and KUČKA. In the video, KUČKA plays a tongue in cheek cam girl obsessed with performing bizarre acts for her viewers. The meta nature of the video’s concept —we are watching someone cam-girling — plays on the voyeuristic nature of KUČKA’s songwriting as of late. “I love being an emotional voyeur, that way I can write from anyone's perspective - even someone created from my imagination. There's fantasy in that.”

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