Milan Ring shares debut album 'I'm Feeling Hopeful'

Acclaimed R&B artist Milan Ring today unveils her highly anticipated debut album, I’m Feeling Hopeful, out now on Astral People Recordings / [PIAS]


I’m Feeling Hopeful explores the themes of love (for others and for the self), relationships, control, freedom, the critical mind, depression, desires and addiction from many different perspectives, all born “from my observations of the world around me and the world within,” says Milan. Threading together singles ‘Sydney Hue (feat. BLESSED)’, ‘Pick Me Up (feat. Jean Deaux)’, ‘BS (feat. Che Lingo)’ and ‘Hide With You,’ I’m Feeling Hopeful has garnered support from triple j, BBC Radio 1, COLORS, CLASH, NME and community radio stations around the country.

Throughout her debut album, Milan observes two paths lying before her. “We either fall deeper into the chaos,” she explains, “or find a way to rise above it.” Across I’m Feeling Hopeful’s 14 tracks, Milan invites the listener to concurrently experience all of life’s highs and lows; for every moment of melancholia come glimpses of a soaring bliss, reminding us that “no matter how chaotic things may get, there is still always hope.” Transportive and restorative, I’m Feeling Hopeful moves fluidly across spatial and emotional lines, flowing from sadness to frustration, self-sabotage to hope, before ending on love and forgiveness.

Indeed, hope serves as a motivating force for Milan Ring throughout her debut LP - whether it's the promise of an alternate path, or a light at the end of the one she's travelling down. It's the declarative banner framing every beat, note and lyric on her debut album which was written, recorded, executive produced and mixed in its entirety by Milan in her studio, located in Marrickville on Gadigal Land in the Inner West of Sydney.

When we allow our minds to run rampant we often hurt ourselves, those around us and those around them in the process. But in these moments we always have the choice to break through the negative dialogue and lean into love, forgiveness and gratitude,” Milan shares. “It isn’t easy, but life is a blessing and I’m feeling hopeful.”

Milan sits stoically on the cover of I’m Feeling Hopeful, exuding light, her guitar laying across her lap in a reference to an image of Indian deity Saraswati. Even before discovering her Indian heritage comes from a Saraswat Brahmin lineage, Milan had for many years felt connected to the goddess who represents "music, love, light, dance, poetry, education, writing, all the sweet things in life".

Her spirituality has been a vital tool for survival - as a way to rediscover hope and light, but also as a reminder of a greater purpose. From the edges of the frame, Mudras – symbolic hand gestures that feature in Indian dance – appear, tempting Milan with their meanings. Demons and evil forces, or Udhvanabhi (Let It Glide) embodied on one hand, drinking poison, or Aarala (BS) on another.

Following a nomination for FBi Radio’s 2021 SMAC Award for Best Live Act, Milan Ring has announced details of her forthcoming I’m Feeling Hopeful tour. See full dates below; details can be found and tickets purchased here

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