Moktar shares his debut EP


Egyptian-Australian DJ/Producer Moktar makes a personal and expressive five-track debut. An exploration of techno and IDM through the lens of Arabic percussion and instrumentation.

Inaugural single ‘Silk’, released in early August impacted on tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs, Tom Ravenscroft,&Jamz Supernova, made its way to the number #1 most played song across Australian community radio, garnered support from the likes of Jamie XX, Dixon and Bonobo, all while telling the story of Moktar celebrating his Arabic roots after years of struggling with stereotyping and racism. The turning point came in 2019, Moktar moved from the suburbs of Sydney to the inner city where he was surrounded by people from all different ethnic backgrounds, cultivating a big part of his journey to self assurance.

Moktar - “Throughout most of my life I was made to believe that being Middle Eastern only came with negative connotations. Today I am proud to be Egyptian, completely comfortable in my own skin, and ready to share my story through music with a view to help others. Not a lot of Middle Eastern people have a platform in Australia and I’d like to start using mine to inspire others in my community”

The Sydney born Melbourne based artist is already a staple in the local scene having played in multiple bands and produced for many high-profile artists in Australia. Releasing under Moktar though, marks the start of a journey into his Middle-Eastern roots becoming a source of pride and inspiration expressed through his music.

The full EP lands on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs on 15th October, each track on with its own distinct character. Sophomore single ‘Lemon’ released 8th September channels Moktar’s love for percussive beats, weaving marching band vibes with traditional Arabic drumming, polished out with a big bassline. ‘Drip’ is refined, rhythmic and progressive. ‘Blue’ is laced with attitude, and is Moktar’s message to all the youngsters to be confident in themselves. ‘Cotton’ is an emotive, personal and meaningful journey.

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