Moktar shares his latest single 'Lemon'


'Lemon', the 2nd instalment from Egyptian-Australian DJ/Producer Moktar is out today, complete with accompanying visualiser from Sam Whiteside. This release comes off the back of a his huge inaugural single ‘Silk’, which won him fans across radio tastemakers Mary Anne Hobbs, Tom Ravenscroft, and Jamz Supernova, made its way to the number #1 most played song across Australian community radio all while telling the story of and celebrating his Arabic roots. Add to that being championed by heavyweights Jamie XX, Bonobo, Dixon, DJ Boring and many more!

Moktar says of ‘Lemon’: “I’m a huge fan of percussion so wanted to make a track as percussive as possible. Marching band vibes on top of traditional Arabic drumming, polished out with a fat bassline for the clubs. I wanted each track on the EP to have its own identity. The debut single ’Silk’ told the story of me becoming proud of my heritage, and though ‘Lemon’ continues in this vein, the focus while making it was purely for the dance!”

The full five track self-titled EP will land on 15th October through Steel City Dance Discs.

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