Roland Tings Releases 'Salt Water' LP

Australian producer Roland Tings (Rohan Newman) has released his forthcoming ten-track hypnotic house LP 'Salt Water.'

As a whole, Salt Water is brisk and briney, pearled and sun-soaked. It emerged from the waves of The Great Ocean Road, a massive stretch of scenic highway hugging the southern coast of Australia. There, Roland Tings set up shop in the Otway National Park, where he found an old minimalist home that became the space for Salt Water's tide to roll in. 

"I never felt lonely and I rarely felt like I was missing out on something happening in the city. What I found was almost the exact opposite. I was constantly enthralled by what was happening around me. In times when I might ordinarily feel a vague anxiety - as though I was missing something, say a Friday night at home alone with no plans (something I found very disturbing in my city-life) I would instead feel deep sense of peace."

The deep sense of peace translates into the music. Roland Tings notes he "focused on making music that encapsulated cool temperatures, low flying clouds, eucalyptus trees, rainforest paths, crashing surf, sandstone cliffs, open fires and thundering waterfalls", the things that made his time special in the forest. He went so far as to incorporate some of those sounds into Salt Water, noting he "made field recordings of interesting acoustic spaces I found in the Otway Forest, waterfall caves, overflowing streams, reverberant canyons and valleys and incorporated these into tracks in various ways. I would make synthetic representations of these spaces by picturing how the drums would sound in the cave behind the waterfall and use that as a model for specific reverb effects. I would layer different sounds of running water almost inaudibly in the background of tracks to provide a constantly shifting bed of organic noise.

Salt Water is Roland Tings' first full-length since 2015's self-titled debut, which came out on Prins Thomas' International label, as well as 2017's Each Moment A Diamond EP on Cascine, and earlier releases on 100% Silk.

Listen to his brand new LP HERE

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