Romæo releases debut single "Mourning"


Create NSW and Powerhouse Museum Generations Fellowship winner and local Sydney artist romæo has been mentored by Astral People for the last 6 months and has now released her first single under our mentorship, "Mourning".

This is a real beauty of a track and an artist we truly believe in, so make sure you give it a listen.

On "Mourning", romæo elaborates “I was having a hard time with a family member essentially ghosting me. I had no clue why and while we are in touch again, I’m still not sure why it ever happened. At the time, I came across a YouTube video about difficult family relationships. One therapist suggested we can ‘mourn the relationship we want’ with an individual, accept who they are, and move past the disappointment we feel everytime they act as themselves. Sometimes you must maintain a relationship with someone on the terms within which they are capable. This song is me grappling with that realisation and trying to let go of the type of person I wish this individual was. I’m yet to succeed.”

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