Stevan Releases Official Music Video For 'Timee'

Prodigious Wollongong artist Stevan returns with the new video for his official first single “Timee”. With the track arriving earlier this year to critical acclaim, the young multi-instrumentalist now delivers a fitting visual partner to his lush R&B release. Premiered by 405 in the US and directed by Jordan Kirk (@xingerxanger), the vintage-hazed video forms a self-portrait introducing the sides to Stevan’s personality that influenced the debut, manifested in a bizarre performance to different clones of himself. Interjected by film-shot scenes and nods to Wes Anderson and Talking Heads, the visual re-ignites the laid back vibe of the track, while paying homage to the beatmaker’s chameleon stylings.

Stevan says of the new video:
“As a song, Timee explores different aspects of myself in relation to music. The video visualises these different aspects, as well as referencing some cool stuff I like. The colours and vibe of the video were inspired by Wes Anderson, plus that intro - shout to Jordan haha - it’s a Talking Heads reference. All in all it was fun Timee (pun intended) to make.”

Jordan Kirk says of the video:
“You only get to make a debut once, so it was important when coming up with the concept for this music video that as a new and emerging artist, Stevan was introduced in an authentic way… For someone who’d never even been on set before, Stevan nailed it, and the whole team is really pleased with how it all came together.”

Watch the video below:

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