Introducing total tommy, arriving armed with bold single 'microdose'

Eora/Sydney-based artist, singer, songwriter and Queer heartthrob total tommy today shares her debut single, ‘microdose’. Mixed by London post-punk figurehead and superproducer Dan Carey (Wet Leg, Fontaines D.C.) and produced by Mark Zito, ‘microdose’ oozes lo-fi indie grunge sensibilities, written in total tommy’s bedroom studio one lonely, stormy night about the siren-like allures of an addictive and all-consuming crush. 

Living out its ethos of never doing things in halves, ‘microdose’ comes swinging in with a boldness that is as instantaneous as it is infectious. Bristling with a nervous, pent-up energy, a wall of wiry, interlocking guitars, incessant, driving percussion and half-murmured vocals combine to give way to a yearning and explosive chorus that feels predestined to be fervidly shouted back at her during live shows from now until forever: “I don’t know why my head is spinning”. 

Living somewhere between the rawest depths of a teenage journal, the rough-hewn yet passionate cut-and-paste collages of a DIY zine and 10 Things I Hate About You, ‘microdose’ is an introduction to an essential new voice in Australian indie that is quietly confident, subtly but firmly in control and altogether impressive. 

On the project, total tommy shares, “total tommy started when I moved cities, came out, and spent time properly getting to know myself. Parts of my brain got unlocked that I’d never been able to tap into before, and with that I quickly got to learn a lot about who I was. I partied so much with new queer friends, fell in love, made mistakes, and wrote music to make sense of it all”.

The accompanying video, co-directed by HOLL and total tommy, is a grimy, nicotine-stained haze that offers a first glimpse into total tommy’s aesthetic world.

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