Welcoming Chilean-Australian artist Jalmar to the Astral family!

Melbourne-raised in a Chilean family, Jalmar today proudly makes his official debut, sharing the vibrant single, “Mijo Rico” out via The Orchard.

A gifted singer-songwriter and rapper, Jalmar draws on his Chilean heritage fusing Latin-American instrumentation with rap, hip-hop backbeats and Reggaeton rhythms. Paramount to Jalmar’s unique voice is his family’s culture, informed from his parents fleeing Santiago and seeking refuge in Australia. His own subsequent journeys around South America continue to shape his perspective as an artist, dedicating himself to the direction of his own life and musical process.

Opening to an irresistible rhythm of shakers and trumpets, “Mijo Rico” is a defiant and uplifting shoutout to call your own shots, born from a freestyle session with producer Younique and seasoned to perfection in the studio. A trap-derived beat sits beneath Jalmar’s elevated raps, ducking and weaving in what becomes a joyous yet hard-hitting must-play. The undeniably Latin-driven track is a big and bold statement in local hip-hop, spreading messages of positivity and resilience while rolling out the carpet for Jalmar’s grand entrance.

Jalmar says of the track: “Younique and I never really have a perfect formula to come up with a song, majority of the time our music is unplanned. When it comes to 'Mijo Rico' Younique hit me up and said ‘Bro sus this beat I made’ I honestly didn't think much of it at the time and I didnt know how to approach it. Anyway, couple weeks go by and we are enjoying the herbal essence in the air and Younique says ‘I want you to freestyle to beat I made?’ I hesitantly said ‘okay’ and freestyled the melody for the whole song. Younique was hype! So when I went back to his studio, added words to it and laid the whole track the next day. We refined it a couple times after that and didn't honestly think it was a single until everyone we showed gave us wavy reactions!”

Jalmar’s quiet confidence and loud charisma can be attributed partly to his cultural pride and enthusiasm for music as a positive mainstay in his life. From the age of 19, rapping over tracks at parties to finding his own voice, Jalmar’s first foray into composing his own music came by way of the Spanish-influenced track, “Mi Paciencia” in 2018. While not receiving an official release, it found airplay on triple j and radio stations nationally.

The first chapter in what is set to be an extended story, featuring plenty of collaborations, wild versatility and new music stops along the way, don’t miss tuning into Jalmar’s debut single “Mijo Rico” today.



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