X Club Remixes Dro Carey's No Boundaries

The X-CLUB Take on Dro Carey knows No Boundaries

Dro Carey's recent album, Nothing is a Solo Project, released on Soothsayer, is a treasure trove of singles, a delightful ride through many moods. And as we discovered earlier this year, Carey's listening habits are as diverse as the album. One of the LP’s standout tracks is 'Boundary', an understated and reflective number featuring the moody vocals of Zellow. X Club heard it and went 'It needs more Spinal Tap' so they turned it up to 11. In their creative hands, 'Boundary' is transformed into a main room banger that doesn't care about your parent's delicate sensibilities. It still packs the emotion from the original, but with added warehouse techno and strobes dripping in ecstasy sweat. Nice.

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