Ahadadream (UK)
March 2024
Sun 10 Mar - Melbourne - Pitch Music & Arts

A persistent rhythm underpins Ahadadream’s movements. With unflagging energy and passion, the London-based artist manages various facets of his creative self, predominately as a DJ and producer, but also A&R, label-head, event director, and now as one of the leading tastemakers in the UK club scene.

Ahadadream’s music is pure percussive energy, club belters full of skittish drum rolls. With menacing, coiled energy waiting to be unleashed, his unique, drum-focused production draws influence from sounds across the UK, his homeland of Pakistan, the African Diaspora and beyond. Ahadadream’s club weapons have become set staples for Four Tet, Skrillex, Dixon, Jamie XX, Bonobo, Laurent Garnier, VTSS and Ben UFO, while his edits have been co-signed by pop royalty such as Rosalía. Noted as “One To Watch” by the Guardian, in review of his most recent EP, Homecoming, they declared, “Ahad Elley had a dream and, judging by his thrilling club music, that dream involved Catherine wheels of polyrhythmic, brash beats, huge horns and neon-bright... truly, the stuff of ravey dreams.”

Ahadadream has been at the coalface of the UK club scene for several years now; championing new artists, platforming new sounds and quietly, but confidently, supporting everyone else from behind the scenes. With his own Boiler Room dropping in September and the release of the collaborative Skrillex project, before his own solo project and accompanying worldwide tour, it’s now that we see all the hard work and previously disparate threads from his career converging to introduce the unique energy and sound of Ahadadream to the rest of the world. As RA said in their recent review, “it’s safe to say (Ahadadream’s) work is starting to receive the recognition it deserves. Homecoming feels rightly celebratory. It's not just Elley returning home — he's bringing the rest of us with him.”

Catch him this March for his debut tour of Australia.