Calibre (NI)
December 2023
Sat 30 Dec - Wanaka, NZ - Rhythm & Alps
Sun 31 Dec - Auckland, NZ - Northern Bass
Mon 1 Jan - Perth - No One But Us
Fri 05 Jan - Sydney - Liberty Hall
Sat 6 Jan - Melbourne - The Dot

A painter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer, producer and DJ, Belfast-born Dominick Martin has spent the last 25 years simply creating. He’s done so with a sort of restrained melancholy that’s broad enough to encompass a myriad of tempos and genres.

Over 19 albums, that include his more song-based experimental LPs, to drum & bass into dub, techno, house, ambient, jazz, soul, blues and folk. 
 The same can be said of his award winning DJ sets: Fluent within his own vast range, favouring the bookings where space and time allow him to draw out a narrative and provoke emotions, predominantly based on his own material.

Calibre sets draw from his own personal spectrum, never resort to hype tactics and are perennially sprung with never-before-heard surprises. Often flanked and navigated by spiritual brother and creative sparring partner DRS - his role as a performer mirrors the extensive shades of his releases.

Whether you experience him taking over a room for the full 6+ hour trip, or he plays a shorter higher impact role on a bigger bill, his singular signature persists: a soulfully honest sense of the transcendental and a unique perspective and approach.