Ekkstacy (CA)
October 2023
Tues 10 Oct - Auckland - Tuning Fork
Wed 11 Oct - Wellington - Meow
Fri 13 Oct- Brisbane - The Zoo
Sat 14 Oct - Melbourne - Howler


Get ready for a wave of melodic melancholia to wash over Australia & New Zealand as Canada's Post-Punk Prince Ekkstacy debuts on our shores, bringing his signature hooks with infectious guitar riffs.

They say there's no ecstasy without agony and this has never been more evident that in Ekkstacy's tracks. Spawning from a deep depressive episode at age 17 after years of social isolation and insecurity, Ekkstacy would fall into a drug-induced psychosis before turning to music as his outlet and saving grace.

Self taught and finding inspiration from Hip-Hop on Soundcloud as well as indie rock acts such as Beach Fossils, Current Joys& The Drums he would carve his own lane of 80s inspired Post-Punk& Photo-Goth mixed with catchy hooks that resonate deep with his audience.

After the release of his breakout single 'i walk this earth all by myself' the young songwriter quickly found that his message and experiences were shared with a huge group of people as he amassed hundreds of thousands of plays and a cult following who couldn't get enough of his bleak lyricism and captivating hooks.

With the release of his second LP 'Misery' the now full-time artist would delve deeper into the punk side of post-punk with a greater emphasis on up beat tempos and hasty guitar riffs giving a sense of urgency and energy that still oozed the dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics that his following have come to love.

Ekkstacy has been celebrated by his fans and peers alike, with support from industry giants like Mike Dean which included a feature on Complex's Pigeons & Planes compilation album See You Next Year. These accolades extended to gigs as well which saw the rising star supporting HEALTH while also being booked for Afropunk in Brooklyn solidifying him as a forward thinking, emotionally vulnerable artist that is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Ekkstacy brings his signature brand of bilssfully raw tunes to Australia&New Zealand this October.

We'll see you there!