Evian Christ (UK)
June 2024
Thur 6 June - The Naval Store - Perth
Fri 7 June - Civic Underground - Sydney
Sat 8 June - Sugar - Adelaide
Sun 9 June - Max Watt's - Melbourne [RISING]

UK producer Evian Christ brings his evocative trance to Australia this June.

Trance. Music for wide eyes, aching hearts and dawn-tinged bliss. UK producer Evian Christ has been lifting the genre up and up, into windy new heights of late. His debut album Revanchrist takes the mountain-sized arpeggios, the whispering pleas and the sugar-fed drops—then deconstructs them. Peaks are capped with ghostly atmospherics. Valleys are stretched out and flooded with suspense.

He first got noticed stamping eerie bombast onto trap beats and big-name rap. After producing Billboard-topping albums by Kanye West and Travis Scott, he went back behind the decks to be in communion with live club energy, founding the enduringly influential Tranceparty event series.

Now he’s here in Australia—light on cheese, large on drama.