Kelbin (ITA)
June 2024
Fri 21 June - Melbourne - The Night Cat (SOLD OUT)
Sat 22 June - Sydney - Oxford Art Factory (SOLD OUT)
Fri 28 June - Brisbane - The Zoo
Sat 29 June - Burleigh - Burleigh Town Hotel

Kelbin, a Venice-born multidisciplinary artist, embarked on their journey into electronic music in 2015, quickly captivating audiences with a sound that fuses organic elements and nostalgic undertones. In 2020, they joined The Tabula Rasa Record Company, with a goal of solidifying their distinctive style, bending the organic and the synthetic.

The release of their debut album "EFYL" in 2021 marked a turning point, showcasing Kelbin's capacity to weave intricate, narrative-driven soundscapes. 2022 saw further evolution, with standout tracks like "Sun" and "Unterlaa", and the critically acclaimed collaborative EP "Silence Kills" with New York's production phenom, Kinoteki.

In January 2023, Kelbin's remix of Daphni's "Cloudy" garnered widespread acclaim, lauded for its masterful reinterpretation of the original track’s piano work and for its production brilliance. This remix quickly became a staple in sets by esteemed DJs including Four Tet, Ben UFO, and Floating Points, and secured a place on's top tracks of 2023.

Kelbin's collaborations with artists like Thys of Noisia and Nikki Nair highlight their versatility and artistic depth. Beyond music production, Kelbin extends their creativity to designing cover art for their releases, adding a unique visual layer to their auditory experience.

Kelbin's sound, a rich blend of ambient, future garage, and bass, invites listeners into immersive, meaning-laden environments. Each track is a chapter in a larger narrative, reflecting their belief in music as a powerful form of storytelling.

With a burgeoning discography and a reputation for pioneering soundscapes across a wide range of environments, Kelbin continues to grow as a luminary in electronic music, continually challenging the conventions of genre and artistic expression.