Night Slugs (UK)
June 2023
Fri 9 Jun - Perth - Lucy's Love Shack
Sat 10 Jun - Sydney - Carriageworks
Fri 16 Jun - Brisbane - Felon's Barrel Hall
Sat 17 Jun - Melbourne - Sub Club

Astral People proudly present 15 years of Night Slugs - Bok BokGirl Unit Australia Tour.

Night Slugs was formed in 2008 as a home for a new wave of club music and in 2010 it became the record label known for capturing imaginations. It captured ours and was pivotal in shaping the early Astral sound.

A hunger for raw club tracks soon drew Bok Bok beyond Grime to other, highly compatible music styles - House, US Club, Rap, Techno etc etc as they honed a blend of international club music, with a London-soundsystem mentality at its core. Soon a new sound began to emerge via remixes and original beats by Bok Bok as well as other likeminded friends like Girl Unit, Jam City, & Ikonika.

Bok Bok and James Connolly (aka Dance System) started Night Slugs in 2008 as a home for this new wave of club music. In 2010, the same year Bok first joined Rinse FM, Night Slugs became a record label, which Bok Bok headed up as de facto exec producer. Despite the label's DIY ethos, Night Slugs captured imaginations, taking the crew on tour around the world.

An essential member of London's eclectic Night Slugs camp, Girl Unit's music is steeped in low-end pressure but also reaches toward a classic timelessness; time-honoured elements of production sit seamlessly alongside the most contemporary sounds, as Girl Unit densely layers radio gloss and big melodies over beats that take influence from a variety of Club and Pop sources.

Bok Bok & Girl Unit will be bringing the heat with them this Winter and melting your city with their trademark brand of innovative bass fusion. Two trailblazers responsible for some of the most original new dance sounds in recent memory.