Saoirse (UK)
December 2023
Sat 30 Dec - Barunah Plains, VIC - Beyond The Valley

Having spent the best part of 15 years collecting records Saoirse has now established herself as a respected name within the electronic music community.

As a DJ, Saoirse is confidently in control of her sound. A sound that is the product of an already long and varied musical journey. Her interest in and comfort with such a range of genres means she is capable of effortlessly weaving sounds together, with equal measures of ease and style.

Her first foray into the field of electronic music came at a very young age, accompanying her mother to free parties and raves in her home country of Ireland. It was at these parties that her young ears began to make sense of the sounds from the likes of Leftfield, Fluke & Orbital and a close allegiance to electronic music was forged. It wasn’t long before every last penny was being spent on vinyl and every spare hour spent digging for records old and new.

Once the door had been opened, Saoirse’s passion grew steadily into obsession and so Sound and Media college seemed like a logical step upon leaving school, something that opened the door into the world of radio. Her earlier years saw her play numerous regular shows on pirate radio stations, before landing her own show on Ireland’s leading media broadcaster, RTE. Saoirse’s love for radio remains, for the past 5 years Saoirse held a monthly show on the infamous Rinse FM hosting guests such as Call Super, DJ Deeon, Sonja Moonear, Aurora Halal, Volvox & Leif, before going on to share her appreciation and knowledge for music on the UK’s largest broadcaster BBC as a Radio 1 resident.

Saoirse has more recently stepped out as a producer with her highly anticipated debut solo release on her own imprint trUst recordings. TRST 001 is a 4 track EP written by Saoirse with the concept to showcase what you can typically expect from her as a DJ - jumping through an array of dancefloor moments, a track for each common dancefloor feeling.

RUST is one of the key foundations of safety, within yourself and with others. Vital for good health and happiness. The inception of trUst recordings was finally being able to trust in one's own ability. Trust in music made for dancefloors. Trust in its simplicity yet importance. This label founded by Saoirse will be asking those who she trusts, herself, her friends and her most loved producers to join the label as collaborators and solo artists.

Saoirse has gained recognition across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. Her broad, diverse record bag and genre jumping antics is a combination that has seen her booked for a wide range of parties, across a number of different scenes. Whether it’s playing alongside Ricardo Villalobos in London, supporting Dj Stingray or playing next to Objekt in Paris, it’s clear that promoters trust her ability to deliver, whatever the setting.

Saoirse is now a globally respected, albeit impossible to pronounce name and one can’t help but feel that this really is her time.

Expect dub, house, jazz, electro, garage, techno, ambient, breaks and some surprises, alongside an unpredictable and cheeky mixing style coupled with palpable passion and creativity.