serpentwithfeet (US)
August 2023
Fri 25 August - Sydney - Mary's Underground

Astral People and Handsome Tours present the boundary-breaking serpentwithfeet.

The alluring gothic-gospel voice returns to Australia this August. Catch intimate shows at Brisbane’s The Zoo, Mary’s Underground in Sydney and Now or Never in Melbourne supporting Kelela

Dense, brooding, sensual and divine - all apt descriptors for this magnetic occultist. serpentwithfeet is not only imagining, but exploring a world wherein Black love is paramount. 

His introduction to music came via religious influence through his father’s christian bookstore and mother managing the church choir. It was here that his roots in classical and gospel singing were formed and stand as the backdrop to his sonic palette still.

With the release of his debut EP blisters in 2016, delved into his experience of being a queer black man in New York. The EP seamlessly mixed his soulful vocals with experimental production with tinges of operatic influence, showcasing a multi-genre approach that would become synonymous with all of his releases thereafter.

2017 saw the release of his debut album soil which featured production from forward thinking musicians such as Clams Casino and frequent Adele & Florence and the Machine collaborator Paul Epworth. 

soil received critical acclaim from both fans and publications and served as the jump board for opportunities to work and tour with the likes of Björk, Grizzly Bear and Brockhampton. Ty Dolla $ign would be added to that list of collaborators with the 2019 single Receipts.

His last album, DEACON, is “a study rather than a story,” delving into Black, gay love and the tenderness present in the best companionships, romantic or otherwise. DEACON highlights serpent’s growth as a songwriter, taking a more straightforward approach to expression. In his love for love, serpentwithfeet is offering a look into the soul of a man who articulates his passion in a warmer, gentler way. He’s become wholly confident in his gift and messaging.

These live performances will be Australia’s chance to see firsthand the compassion that forms the back backbone of his music. serpent return this August with select shows in Brisbane and Sydney, don't miss out!